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Jess Segovia
Accessible Public Transit Professional specializing in ADA Compliance, Training & Mobility Management 

Jess is a transportation professional who has spent the last two decades creating innovative programs and services for a variety of public and private agencies.  Jess’ core professional values of safety, communication and innovation have helped ensure the successful delivery of high quality, accessible transportation services.  The information below highlights Jess’ expertise across a number of public transit disciplines:


1.     Triennial Review Support

        a.     Document Identification & Preparation

        b.     Drafting of Procedures for Subrecipient / Contractor Oversight Requirements

        c.     System Evaluation in Preparation for Review

2.     ADA Compliance & Accessibility

        a.     Staff Training

                i.     Non-discrimination Requirements

                ii.    Assisting Riders with Disabilities

                        1.     Ambulatory

                        2.     Riders using Wheelchairs/Scooters/Walkers

                        3.     Visually Impaired

                        4.     Hearing Impaired

                        5.     Non-Visible Disabilities

                iii.    Service Animals

                iv.    Direct Threat

                v.     Reasonable Modification

        b.     Enhancing/Creating Policies & Procedures (Operator Rulebooks, etc.)

        c.     Front-Line Staff Training Program Creation/Enhancement (Operators, Dispatchers, Road                        Supervisors, Customer Service Representatives, etc.)

                i.     New/Basic Training Programs

                ii.    Refresher Training Programs

                iii.   Accessibility Fair Training Program

        d.    Wheelchair Securement Training

                i.     Curriculum

                ii.    Hands-On Exercises

                iii.   Mobility Device Identification

                iv.   Securement Effectiveness Evaluation Forms

         e.    Operations Support Information

                i.     Operator Pocket Guides

                ii.    Procedure Decals

                iii.   Operations Notices

         f.     Secret Shopper Program Enhancement/Creation

                i.     Survey Content

                ii.    Sampling

                iii.   Reporting

                iv.   Operator Observations

         g.    Reducing Complaints by Riders with Disabilities

                i.     Complaints Procedure & Effectiveness Evaluation

                ii.    Enhancing Complaints Categories

                iii.   Improving Complaints Investigation Procedures

                iv.   Data Processing & Reporting

          h.   Facility Accessibility Support

                i.     Design Reviews

                ii.    ADA Standards Training

          i.    Subrecipient Oversight

                i.     Compliance Reviews & Training

                ii.    Program Evaluation & Improvements


3.     Services for Riders with Disabilities

          a.   Marketing of New/Existing Services & Programs

                 i.     Flyers & Brochures

                 ii.    Presentations

          b.     Bus Orientation Programs

          c.     Advisory Committee Support

                 i.     Staffing Existing Committees

                 ii.    Creating New Committees

4.     Regional Transportation Coordination Plans

          a.     Plan Creation

          b.     Public Outreach & Community Surveys

          c.     Identifying Unmet Needs & Solutions

          d.     Transportation Service Inventory

          e.     Grant Writing & Evaluation

          f.      Mobility Manager Training


5.     Title VI Requirements

          a.     Policy Enhancement/Creation

          b.     Public Outreach

          c.     Implementation Assistance



Los Angeles METRO

Beginning in 2013, Jess worked for METRO, Los Angeles County’s Regional Transportation Planning Agency and operator of bus and rail services.  As the Senior Manager of Accessibility, his primary responsibility was in ensuring that 2,200 buses and rail cars, 5,000+ Operators and 175+ bus and rail facilities were compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA) and State of California regulations. This has been achieved by:

  • Working with METRO’s 15 Bus Divisions to develop innovative Operator training programs

  • Enhancing Bus Operator Rulebook content

  • Strengthening METRO’s relationship with the disability community; including innovative community education and outreach programs

  • Reviewing service data to identify opportunities to enhance the quality of services provided


Navigator Mobility Consulting (now operating as ADA GURU)

Jess has also operated Navigator Mobility Consulting (NMC) since 2010.  NMC specializes in ADA compliance and accessibility; as well as creating innovative programs designed to maximize limited resources available to communities throughout California and Arizona. In addition, NMC delivered a variety of public transit training programs on topics like ADA & Fixed Route, ADA & Paratransit, Wheelchair Securement Training for Operators, ADA Paratransit Eligibility Determination, and Mobility Management.  NMC’s clients include:

  • METRO & Access Services (Los Angeles, California)

  • Valley Metro & MARC Center (Phoenix, Arizona)

  • OmniTrans (San Bernardino, California)

  • Yuma Metropolitan Planning Organization (Yuma, Arizona)

  • A number of state Transit Organizations; including AZTA (Arizona), CalACT (California), CASTA (Colorado) and SWTA (Southwest United States)


Parsons Brinckerhoff (now WSP)

From 2008 – 2010, Jess worked for Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB); an international construction and transportation planning consulting firm.  As the Transportation Planning Manager responsible for PB’s statewide transit planning efforts, he worked on projects for the cities of Scottsdale and Chandler; as well as Arizona Department of Transportation.


City of Avondale, Arizona

As the Transit Manager for the City of Avondale, Arizona, from 2006 – 2008, Jess managed contracts for Bus and Dial-A-Ride operations, Bus Shelter installation and Maintenance, and the design and construction of a transit center.  During this time, Jess gained a thorough understanding of how cities prioritize and budget for transit services; as well as select and manage contractors.


Access Services, Los Angeles

Jess worked for Access Services, the Los Angeles County operator of ADA Paratransit services, from 1998 to 2006.  Jess created and operated a number of lasting programs; which included community outreach, member agency MOU’s, and Drug & Alcohol, DBE and ADA Compliance. During that time, Jess also developed lasting relationships with all 44 of Los Angeles County’s public transit operators.





  • Contract management & negotiations

  • Employee evaluation and training

  • Evaluating costs, benefits and associated risks of existing and proposed plans, projects and programs



  • Masters of Arts in Organizational Management (MAOM), Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, California, 2000

  • Bachelors of Arts in Speech Communication / Organizational Management, California State University, Fullerton, California, 1997

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